What is LadynPink?

LadynPink is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering the modern “lady". Being a lady means having class: a quintessence which comes in numerous forms depending on the woman. 

Class comes from a lady’s perspective of her being, her self-confidence, kindness and sense of style. A lady displays self-respect and etiquette at all times. Regardless of the circumstances, she is unchanging.

In my past I’ve had to teach myself how to love ME first, and I must say it was not easy. I was constantly worrying about my life from the eyes of others and feeling as if I wasn’t living my divine purpose. I began to look at myself daily, wondering what I could do differently. Then it dawned on me, “to change the way I see myself, I must first change the way I think of myself.” In that moment I realized that I was a loving, powerful and magical being and that’s when doors began to open for me like never before!

This brand was created to uplift women and compel them to feel like LADIES: classy, confident and powerful.  We were put here to be our best selves; which is why I want every woman who is reached by this brand to feel like a lady, and in turn she can share her knowledge, experience and love with every woman she has the chance to influence.

 We rise by lifting each other!


With Love,

Founder & CEO